Can be customized for anything

Paper honeycomb is also used as a packaging material. Glued with paper on both sides, it makes an excellent protecting material for all types of items. It is currently used in the following industries: paper, automotive, glass, ceramic, transportation, appliance and furniture. Paper honeycomb can be die cut, slit scored or cookie cut into numerous sizes and shapes to protect products "inside the box" or "outside the box". It can be combined with plywood, steel, plastics, FRP and many other materials used in packaging to form some of the strongest composite panels for its weight and dimensions.

Honeycomb can replace Wood, MDF, PUF, Rock Wool, Particle boards, Mineral Wool, EP Foam, Thermocol, EPE, Bubble wrap


  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Fungus and termite free. Complies to all standards of ISPM 15.
  • Lightweight. Easier to handle and transport.
  • Highly shock absorbent. Does not break on impact,but crushes and absorbs shock
  • Has smooth surfaces. Eliminates usage of nails and free of splinters.
  • Easy to dispose off being completely eco-friendly.
  • Customized packaging, designed to snug-fit products, providingcomplete protection from damage.
  • Packaging comes in flat- pack form, stack-able, thus savinglogistic costs and inventory space.
  • Can be combined with varied materials to package any product.
  • User friendly design, easy pack and unpack, both for client and customer.
  • Product can be made fire and water resistant.
  • Dimensionally stable over a varied temperature range.